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Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wands


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These gorgeous ribbon wands have a beautiful bell, ensuring imaginary play is made all the more special.

With four ribbons on each wand the Rainbows and Clover ting-a-ling wands will see your little ones twirling and waving and fluttering and leaping - you'll want to capture every moment!

It's a ting-a-ling twirly whirly dancing jiggling magic spell maker ... imaginative play at it's best!

Colours options;

  • Nature; emerald, dark toffee, royal blue, copenhagen (4 ribbons)

Using ting-a-ling wands are a fun and beautiful way to add a special touch of color and fun to your day ... or party! Pop one inside each child's party bag to take home (the children will remember the party each time they play with the wand!), as part of a party game, at a wedding (so much fun as an alternative to confetti!), or any special event.
Each wand consists of 4x satin ribbons cut at 61cm and are beautifully tied around a 30cm wooden dowel. All ends of the ribbons are singed to eliminate fraying, and the ribbon is (invisibly) glued to ensure the ribbon won't slide as it is waved and twirled.

The Rainbows and Clover ting-a-ling wands are made using excellent quality materials and are great for working on gross motor skills; range of motion, eye-tracking skills and enhancing exercise and musical activities.

Ribbon wands (or ting-a-ling wands as we have so aptly renamed them) can also be used as a dancing prop, and make a wonderful and colourful addition to a show.


We have chosen shorter ribbons than what is used in gymnastic twirling ribbon sticks so they are more suitable for children under seven. The shorter ribbons means little people have an easier time twirling and avoid getting tangled! The ideal addition to any dress up box, party, or dance performance.

Combine ting-a-ling wands with a bunch of balloon balls at a party and really get the fun happening!

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